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A Youthful Smile With Premium Dentures

The past decades have brought numerous advancements in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Yet, very few strides have been made for the denture-wearer, leaving them wanting more than what is being offered. Thankfully, clinical research over the past 40 years has yielded an innovative design called Geneva 2000 Premium Dentures. Working with the tissues and structures of each smile, Geneva 2000 Premium Dentures are giving denture-wearers a reason to smile again by restoring youth and beauty with comfortable wear.

Comprised of porcelain and/or resin materials, Geneva 2000 Premium Dentures are handcrafted. Imported from Switzerland, they not only look real—they feel real. The premium quality of these dentures restores hope for the denture-wearer who feels as though their dentures are merely “sitting on their gums.” The Geneva 2000 system considers the movements of muscles, bones, and nerves, providing better support for each individual’s face. In addition, this system takes into account the following unique differences of each patient:

  • Age, gender, and skin tone
  • Personality
  • Condition of an individual’s mouth
  • Condition of an individual’s bones
  • Shape and size of mouth

The ability of the Geneva 2000 Premium Dentures to function and mimic natural teeth make them the finest dentures on the market. More than an elegant solution, these dentures represent an extraordinary breakthrough for current denture-wearers as well as those considering them.

Providing premier dentistry in Nevada, Dr. Michael Atencio is proud to offer patients the latest in innovation with Geneva 2000 Premium Dentures. Dr. Atencio believes that the specialized design of the Geneva system is a game-changer for those that are unhappy with the look, feel, and function of their dentures. He also believes that this premium concept will restore youth and beauty, as individuals smile with confidence again. Call Atencio Dentistry today for more information about this revolutionary design. 

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