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Dental Cleanings: Benefits Beyond Teeth

Reno NV General DentistIntended to reinforce your home oral health regimen, dental cleanings are vital to removing plaque and tartar, as well as checking for infections and ensuring that previous restorations remain viable. Yet, more often, dental professionals are noting the connection between oral health and overall health. New research suggests that professional dental cleanings reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, with chronic inflammation at the center of concern. With the ability to provide diagnostic, preventative, and educational services that benefit patients beyond their teeth, dental professionals are urging individuals not to forego their dental cleanings.

When it comes to semi-annual dental examinations, many will put off visiting the dentist, especially is there is no immediate dental concerns. Yet, early tooth decay and gum disease rarely produce any visible signs. As a diagnostic service, dentists thoroughly examine gum tissues as part of your regular cleaning checkup. X-rays are also provided to detect early decay in the pulp of the tooth and the root. Dentists must also consider the overall health history of the patient, noting preexisting medical conditions and medications taken. An individual's overall health will likely determine their susceptibility to tooth and gum disease. In turn, prevention and treatments largely depend on a person's overall health.

As a preventative service, your dentist will remove plaque and tartar, stains, and apply fluoride treatment during a regular cleaning exam. While you may be praised for good brushing and flossing at home, it's important to understand that good oral health at home is only half of the battle. Dentists are professionals that are equipped to give recommendations for hygiene that will not only benefit your teeth, but your body as well. Whether nutritional counseling or smoking cessation advice, your dentist can help educate you on a variety of whole health topics.

Atencio Dentistry welcomes your family to our practice! We believe that healthy gums and bones are the foundation for good overall health. At your visit, we'll share our top quality dental hygiene program with you and encourage you along the way. Our caring and compassionate team is here to help you bridge the gap between oral health and body health. Call us today.

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