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Cracked Tooth Repair

Your teeth are the hardest bones in your body, withstanding tons of pressure on a daily basis. Even though they are naturally designed to last a lifetime, they can become damaged from a variety of issues as you go through life. Cracked teeth are a common problem, putting you at risk of infection and tooth loss. At Atencio Dentistry, we can quickly and carefully repair most cracked teeth with general dentistry to restore them to optimum health, protecting your beautiful smile.

A cracked tooth is not something you should ever ignore. Most cracked teeth are painful, requiring emergency dental work. However, small cracks can form that are less noticeable, even to the point you may not know they are there. This is another excellent reason to schedule routine checkups to monitor your oral health. A small crack can allow bacteria to enter the tooth, causing decay and other problems. If the crack becomes worse, it could result in the loss of your tooth. Routine visits to our office can catch these issues and we can offer treatment to save and protect your natural teeth.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

Depending on the size and location of the cracked tooth, there are several options to repair your damaged teeth. In some cases, a simple filling can be used to repair the crack and protect your tooth from decay. In more severe cases, root canal therapy and/or a dental crown may be needed to restore your tooth. Dr. Atencio will carefully examine your broken tooth and offer solutions to repair it back to good health, if possible.

A cracked tooth needs immediate attention. If you have a cracked, broken or damaged tooth, contact our office today for an appointment. In many cases, we can see you the same day for emergency dental repairs.