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Halitosis Treatment

Halitosis, or bad breath, is a common, yet embarrassing condition that can stem from dental problems. Mouthwash, mints and chewing gum are only temporary remedies to cover a more serious issue. Although there can be medical reasons besides your oral health that can cause halitosis, it is often issues with your oral health that can cause less-then-fresh breath. Cavities, infections, gingivitis and periodontal disease can all cause bad breath. Not only is this embarrassing, it is a sign you have more important oral health problems that need to be addressed.

At Atencio Dentistry, we provide general dentistry that can treat the common oral health issues that lead to halitosis. The first step is to schedule a routine checkup and cleaning to get a thorough exam of your oral health. If the bad odor is coming from your teeth or gums, Dr. Atencio and our hygienist will be able to identify the cause and offer treatment solutions.

Treatment for Chronic Bad Breath

Treatment for chronic bad breath will depend on what is causing the odor. Sometimes, something as simple as a routine cleaning can remove the plaque and tartar that is trapping bacteria in your teeth, causing a bad odor. Other times, it may require additional dental treatments. A cavity, tooth abscess, impacted teeth or gum disease may need medical treatment to fix the dental problem and, in turn, stop your chronic bad breath. More importantly, getting to the root of the issue can help protect your teeth and your overall health. 

If you have halitosis, it is time to seek professional dental help to find the cause of this odor. Contact our office today to schedule your checkup and cleaning at Atencio Dentistry. Let us help determine if you have dental issues causing your bad breath and to receive effective halitosis treatment.