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Meet Dr. Atencio

Dr Atencio

Dr. Atencio

Well, it was thanks to a childhood bicycle accident back in Colorado 1972 when I was in third grade that started me on journey to becoming a dentist.

I was having a bike race with my brother Pat when my handlebars came loose and sent me abruptly over them and on to my face.

There was blood, broken teeth, crying and lots of pain. I knew I had to go see the dentist, but I was really scared . . . terrified even.

But, thanks to a great dentist by the name of Dr. Fred Coats who saw me that summer evening after hours, I was once again able to smile.

I was so impressed with Dr. Coats’ gentleness and caring that evening that I knew right then and there that I too wanted to help others just like he helped me. From that point forward I would tell everyone and anyone who ever asked that I was going to become a dentist someday.

So, after I graduated from Longmont High School in 1983, I was on to Colorado State University in their pre-dental program. After finishing my dental school prerequisites I was lucky enough to be accepted by a number of top dental schools.

I selected the University of Nebraska Dental School and graduated in 1991.

The University of Nebraska was a life changing choice for me. Not only did I accomplish my childhood dream of becoming a dentist but I also met my future wife Christy.

Christy is a Reno native but was attending the University of Nebraska training to be a Dental Hygienist. She graduated in 1990 and we were married a couple of months after her graduation.

After I graduated the following year in 1991, we decided to move to Reno. It was a great choice. Not only is it a great community with so many great activities that I enjoy, but also because I was able to practice side by side with Christy’s father Dr. Gary Toogood. Dr. Toogood is an excellent dentist who still practices in Las Vegas and has been my mentor since I graduated.

Christy and I have 3 children. Our son Cole is 21 years old and studying graphic design at the University of Utah. We also have twin girls Sydney and Skylar who recently graduated from Galena High School (2013) and will be entering college. Skylar will attend the University of Nevada Reno and Sydney will attend the University of Nebraska.

I love my job and I will be doing it for a long time. But more than the job . . . . I love my patients and I want to make a difference in their lives. I am always honored that they have selected me among their many choices to be their dentist. I don’t take this for granted and I will always work to give them the best.

Besides dentistry, I enjoy lots of activities like golf, working out, boating and photography.

I look forward to meeting you soon.