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Root Canal Therapy

Your teeth all have a nerve root that resides in the center, connecting your tooth to your nervous system. Usually protected by layers of dentin and enamel, the nerve stays safely underneath your tooth. It is only when damage or decay allow that nerve to be affected that severe tooth pain can arise. When the nerve can no longer be protected and the tooth is in jeopardy of being lost, root canal therapy can be the general dentistry solution.

Root canal therapy involves removing the nerve root from the tooth, filling the space with a protective material and covering the remaining tooth with a dental crown. This is usually needed when a tooth has become so decayed or damaged that it cannot be saved through other methods. However, it is always better to save the tooth through root canal therapy when possible versus extraction. This allows the patient to keep their teeth intact, preserving their smile and oral health.

Root Canals Are Not Painful - Infected Teeth Are Painful!

At Atencio Dentistry, we have seen patients cringe when they are told they need root canal therapy. The fact is, the procedure is not anything in comparison to the pain and issues that an infected tooth can cause. Advances in dentistry make this procedure fairly quick and virtually painless. Once the nerve root and infection is removed, so is the source of the pain. We even offer sedation dentistry for patients that want to completely relax and be unaware during the procedure. Once they are fitted for a new dental crown, their tooth will look and feel better than it has in a long time.

There is no need to fear having root canal therapy. Our friendly, caring team at Atencio Dentistry will make you comfortable and relaxed while we fix your infected tooth. Before you know it, you will be on your way with a new, beautiful tooth without the pain. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Atencio.