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Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants a bright, white smile that looks attractive and healthy. Yet, it is natural for your teeth to become less vibrant with age and with stains left from the foods and drinks you love. Wine, coffee, berries and other dark pigmented substances can leave their mark on your teeth, as can smoking. Professional teeth whitening can bring your teeth back to a youthful, radiant white that will make you want to smile.

Having a white smile can boost your self-confidence and make you feel more attractive. It is no wonder that the health and beauty aisles are full of over-the-counter teeth whitening products. However, many of these are not as effective as they claim to be, while others can potentially harm your dental health. For fast, safe and effective teeth whitening, come see the professionals at Atencio Dentistry in Reno for cosmetic dentistry.

Sinsational Smile Professional Teeth Whitening!

Sinsational Smile Reno NV

You can have a brighter, whiter smile in just one visit to our office at Atencio Dentistry. We perform in-office professional teeth whitening using the Sinsational Smile system that can make your teeth whiter in just one 20 minute session. Since this procedure is performed under the care of dental professionals, you can rest assured that it is safe and effective.

Another professional whitening option we offer at Atencio Dentistry is home whitening products. This is an affordable option that uses customized teeth trays to hold professional whitening gel on your teeth at home. Unlike over-the-counter trays, these are formed to your teeth, creating a perfect fit for even whitening.

Teeth whitening is a quick, inexpensive way to transform your smile. Let us help you get that bright, white smile with a visit to our office. Contact us today to schedule your consultation or treatment for professional teeth whitening and a sensational smile.


Teeth Whitening for Life

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